Saturday, April 09, 2005

Another Saturday evening

La vida es tenerte a ti
Ver que tus ojos tienen ganas de mi
Tu corazon es mi pais
Si me faltaras no sabria vivir
Y no hay dudas
Mi amor ya no tiene cura
Nada tengo si tu no estas
Desde que legaste ya no hay nadie mas
Porque te quiero tener
Una y otra vez , orta vez
Es porque comprendo que sin ti no se vivir

Sounds ickily sweet? I was listening to 80's sweet music all day, such as Laura Pausini and Nek. I ran to the city, planned to do some shopping but I am not me without my other 1/2. This week has been pain, not a morning woken up rested. I turn around and around in my sleep, and the past few days I have cried more than in a long time.
I wish I would wake up, and be full again.