Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boycott music industry

I don't normally make new year resolutions. It does not have much point to promise something stupid that one plans on keeping on for a week - such as most smokers deciding to quit smoking, or whoever promising themselves to lose weight, if all that happens on 1 January of any given year. (Unless there is some good reason like a heart attack or something - which would magically occur around New Year).

My resolution is to not buy any music CDs until any further notice. Actually, I don't even remember when I bought a music CD the last time (excluding iTMS, of which 95 % are the free US downloads, one per week).

The decision is based on this, and on the full story of Sony rootkit (feel free to browse all the story if you would happen to be among the 0,01 % of people who missed it). And this is so a$$ move from the music industry that they don't deserve even one cent of my money any more.

Also, CDs are overpriced. They were charged more than audio cassettes and vinyl records in the 1980s, and since those two medium slowly disappeared, and audio CD became the standard, their price NEVER got down. To produce an audio CD costs LESS than producing a full scale Hollywood or Independent movie, and movie DVDs are often cheaper. I intend on keeping buying movie DVDs, but simply not buy any audio CDs as a moral response to this. Music industry makes too much money -- not most artists, just the industry.

Long live EFF.

Buying movie DVDs is not affected by this decision. Thus I will keep on buying movies that will entertain me. Movie industry's anti piracy ads in the beginning of the movies are annoying, especially on the UK movies, but they still are a minor annoyance compared to what audio CDs have caused to several people, AND producing a full scale movies costs a lot more than producing an audio CD. So it makes zero sense that audio CDs cost as much as full scale movies.


Blogger Craig Derington said...

I totally agree. I think if we could start a revolution, get some top RIAA head honcho's attention, get the word out on the street and boycott the music industry - for at least 1 week, they would consider reducing CD prices. I mean, come on, $16 for a CD that costs less than $1 to make. Maybe 1-3 decent songs that we actually want to listen to and the rest is fluff. I haven't personally bought a music CD from a record store since the Napster hayday circa summer of 2000.

2:19 PM  
Blogger S. said...

Maybe we should really organize a lot of people ... a boycott music week. And then get it /.ed or somehow enough attention to make enough people do it.

11:29 AM  

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