Sunday, April 24, 2005

Links for the bored surfer

I remember when I was a kid, I used to go to a physical library often, and loan a bit pile of books often, spending a lot more time in the public library than in my parents living room.

Now that I'm older, i do miss the libraries sometimes. But when I find something equally interesting in the net, I will be entertained the same way for hours and days. Like yesterday, feeling a bit icky and feverish, I ran to these libraries, which for sure entertained yesterday and will entertain today and so on. The same "I want to read this all" (skipping the annoying parts), which I had not encountered for a long time in the material not regarding work.

So some of the articles that are interesting... (random new ones).

So, a new way of looking at the Bible, with its errors, discrepancies, #2, and incests and so on, John Paul II history, far different from the pope John XII, or from Pope Linus, John Paul I, John VIII / Joan (the first female pope), occult stuff (like numerology, Nostradamus and witchcraft).

September 11 theories #2, Carlyle Group and an interesting trivia about Osama Bin Laden - his father dies in plane crash, San Antonio TX in 1968.

Area 51 theories, terrorism in general and techniques, generic conspiracy theories, American concentration camps and something hilarious about the temp agencies.

Eunuchs, incest myths, the folder of generic sex and links to a lot of concepts and trivia about it, SARS... interesting enough surfing to keep me inside the house all day, when it is a barbeque weather outside.