Monday, May 02, 2005

CD to annoy your neighbors

An interesting CD - the most annoying sounds. I feel I want that. Not to annoy our house mates - they are nice, but ... would be just nice to have.
However I feel more creative myself, so I rather make such CD myself. Open Source even - so others could enjoy it as well. Any ideas for tracks to add?
- Annoying Germans bitching about stuff
- Annoying Germans argueing
- Germans eating (loud)
- German marriage crisis
- Irish rat dogs barking
- Ice cream car
- Some Abba tracks, possibly as karaoke
- Teenagers screaming
- Teenagers giggling loudly
- Baby crying
- Tap leaking drop by drop
- Finnish tangos
- Random adults loudly intimate
- Random adults loudly intimate in shower
- Men watching football on TV when they are winning
- Men watching football on TV when they are loosing
- Running wooden stairs up and down
- Bed making noise while being used by more than one person
- Loud annoying laughter (adult male, and adult female)
- Snoring, several kinds of
- Bitching mum screaming and yelling at her kids, and kids screaming and crying back
- Loud and giggling, drunk woman screaming while getting laid
- Germans argueing in kitchen and breaking kitchenware
- Standard Nokia ringtone
- ICQ and msn messenger new messages arriving
That would probably be enough for the CD 1. Or have I forgotten something essentially annoying?