Friday, April 21, 2006

Newton Connection Kit on Windows XP .. or Solaris?

I just made a terrible realization.

I can still so laugh on the people who call to get help for their system running Windows XP 2000, but ... despite playing with servers, with different operating systems etc, I don't think the technical side is always that much better.

So - my problem here: Can I run Newton Connection Kit with Windows XP?
As I thought, the XP thing is the only thing home that I have a floppy drive with.
And then better thinking: Do I have a floppy drive on the Dell? As if I had paid attention to it...

So here we go again, what would the Dell technical support say?

"Hi, I normally use OS X, OS X Server and Solaris but I was just wondering ... I have this Dell Inspiron laptop that I run Solaris OS in, I wonder if it has a floppy drive???? I need something where I can run a few programs on a floppy and as none of my Macs home has one, maybe my Dell does ... I need to find a floppy drive only so that I can run Newton Connection Kit in it. Or do you know if I can use Newton Connection kit directly in Solaris?"