Tuesday, April 18, 2006

SubSpecies23 aka Kevin Underwood - they guy your next door?

La Repubblica mentioned today that this Kevin Underwood bad guy had a blog. They did not obviously link it - only mentioned a few phrases about its contents. Would they have linked it, it for sure would have got a lot more visitors. But even now, his sites must get a lot of traffic. I had a quick net search just because it seemed such a weird type, and to be able to compare it to what's available now to a few years forward when there will be (of course) a Hollywood version, with Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves or whoever great actor as the protagonist. (And I love actors as much as the creators of Team America do).

The first thing I found was Huff's crime blog. He had a link to the crimelibrary article on the first page, and to the first post he had ever made about this Kevin. Aka SubSpecies23, SubSpecies, psycomind, KUnderw674 ... as of old usenet entries, kunderw674@aol.com (KUnderw674).

I also found the blogs of this Kevin - Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K. or http://futureworldruler.blogspot.com/ where he some interest was pointed to a beast meme and the other blog of his, for learning Japanese. And a mirror of his myspace.

The crime library shows a non-mugshot picture of his. Looks a bit like everyone's neighbor, doesn't he? A big question on my mind was why while looking at the traces he had left in the web - yet cannot find anything worthwhile, at least now now.