Monday, June 06, 2005

Hollywood (Apple) & Intel

I am not very happy about this -- about what the article talks about.

I it's really about Hollywood: Apple's looking to transform the movie industry the same way the iPod and iTunes changed the music business.[...]

Apple -- or rather, Hollywood -- wants the Pentium D to secure an online movie store[...]

Released just few days ago, the dual-core chips include a hardware copy protection scheme that prevents "unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials from the motherboard," according to PC World.

Intel's DRM scheme has been kept under wraps -- to prevent giving clues to crackers -- but the company has said it will allow content to be moved around a home network, and onto suitably-equipped portable devices.

And that's why the whole Mac platform has to shift to Intel. Consumers will want to move content from one device to another -- or one computer to another -- and Intel's DRM scheme will keep it all nicely locked down. [...]

Will current Mac users like this new locked-down platform?[...]

The Apple & Intel was announced today.