Saturday, July 23, 2005

Amused by an Internet personality's love life, arrogance, and view of life in black and white

Some people are amusing to read in the Internet.

One of my favorites or least favorites is this guy, aka Rei or mymemory. His life and evolution ... are very readable in Macrumors.

He has posted all the details about his love life, and how he was moving from Venezuela to Miami, USA, how the other Venezuelans could get a visa in US as well, dreaming of German women and his old prom date, what he thinks about sex, and now how he is getting married. Quite entertaining to browse all those other old threads, including when he was moving to Germany, dating an underaged girl, trying to tell how Latins NEVER sleep with other people when they are married, anatomy of the German love story...

Nothing beats this thread through - German culture - the lack of love. So based on this childish macho love fantasies and how some Steffi did not make him feel like he was the greatest lover on universe, his text in that thread has such pearls as "German people are arrogant and very selfish. They are very nice outside of Germany but once they come back they think they are the best. " (As if he has never read what he writes himself? So he is obviously lovely and the opposite of arrogant and selfish BOTH in USA and Venezuela) "And for those of you who are German your coments are not valid, I mean, your vision about relationship still in black and white." (as he is always so mature thinking, and sees life in technicolor, and so on).

So much has evolved. Now he makes his decision to get married in an instant messenger, tells "I met her a month ago exactly this 16th, 3 days after my father died (the 13th, a month ago).", as this must be a long enough time to know someone very well. Or, actually "No, he is write, adding all the days we have been actually together they barely add a week. The problems are our parents, actually her mother. My mother told me once to get married and then tell her, probably because my sister married twice and spent all the familly fortune on that and now she is getting back with her first husband andy way" ... so a week is enough to know the other. At least this Ileana looks a lot happier than Steffi did. Then "The big dilema is her visa, she can not optain a tourist visa but there is a finace visa and I am going to ask about t tomorrow. The issue was that now that things are getting tighter we need to be very careful with what we say to our parets because the situation is very demanding. She is in Venezuela nad I am here and i have to bring her here. If I marry her just liek that it doesn't work either because she is not going to get a social security number and won't eb able to work legaly, so we are looking for an O-1 visa like mine but for her because she is an actress too. " (the lawer is also an actress?) "One of the easy things is that I know her culture very well and I know whe her mind is going and comming from just because my point of views about life are actually bigger after being here in the US, so I can explain and tell things about herself better. That make her feel very safe with me" (Dating a German and trying to make his life in US have made his "points of view bigger"), "she has a fetish with being an schoo, girl. She actually look like a 19 year old and she see me like her "tutor"", "So... in a way, as we are very creative people we can manage to actually have ourselves all the time so far and do not feel disconnected. I have been there when you are emailing some one or talking on the phone and you feel they are different people. I do manage to be the same person in every media and it has to be constant." So that means he is as mature in the real life as he appears online.

Best of luck for him anyway. Even if this love story would not have the happy ending as he's dreaming of, I really doubt we'd see a thread titled "Venezuelan culture - the lack of love". I have some sort of difficulties imagining this guy actually living with somebody rather than living in a virtual life, but time will show. It will be interesting to see if he actually will change. Or if he will actually be more of what he describes himself in his resume; "Profile: Creative, proactive problem solver, team player, detail oriented, intuitive, dedicated and accurate..."