Monday, July 11, 2005

If Microsoft made airplanes...

Microsoft making cars sounds like a funny perspective.

But imagine all the technical calls they would get...

"Park your car, and reboot it. See if that works."
"Your car's operating system is over 3 years old.. we don't support that old cars."
"It could be that your antivirus is affecting your engine, and causes your car to stop every time you reach 113 mph..."
"You are calling from a road that is not supported by your car. The road I-194 is supported by Macs and Windows 2014, and your Windows 2008 is not in the list of the drivers..."

Even better if they did planes.

"Microsoft Airlines technical support... You have free 120 days phone support after you buy your plane. May I have your aircraft's serial number please..."
"You are at the Airport? Airport Express, or an airport? Ah fine, just had to ask as we don't support Apple's products..."
"We don't support emergency landings. You should contact your airport for emergency landing instructions."
"You are out of the phone support... you could go and use Microsoft's web self service for free, and order that engine from there.. "
"No, burnt engines, exploded parts of the plane, wrong alerts and such are not covered, we consider those as abuse."
"Hm you said the plane is crashing? Restart it to see if that helps..."