Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Get married in Apple Store opening, if some people got in MWSF...

A couple got married in MWSF this year. Cult of Mac has some links to photos about that aspect of MWSF too.

That makes me feel creative for where we would instead.

We first met in iChat, talking about some Apple products hardware and software.

We then got engaged on the day the first ever European Apple Store opened, the London, Regent Street one that is. And still totally ignored the fact that those two events happened on the same day, for at least half a year. We were on the queue, we got the photos and movies out there, and just did not make a big deal of the other event in the queue that day.

That leaves the logical place to be the opening of the first non-UK European Apple Store, Rome. Its retail jobs were announced around November or December of 2005, so the store will open some yet unannounced time in early 2006.
Unless they open something somewhere even before that, including in Japan...