Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finnish airport security goes high tech

Airport Video Surveillance Goes Hi-Tech, and that in a bit more detailed view.

Great. In the case of that country, it will mean that they can even better point the different skin colored people the suspicious behavior.

And fortunately it is no e.g. Joensuu on the East part of the country - there the city and the area seems to be proud to be racist. Nationalist, whatever is the more polite way to say it.

Suspicious behavior in that country includes, based on only first hand experience, e.g. of the following: wrong skin color, wrong hair color, someone smiling what they should not, unusual name or last name, someone being of a wrong country for their taste, anyone not thinking that country is the center of the world... If someone is laughing, they are either drunk, foreigners, high, nuts, or all of the above. If someone does not think that Finnair has the Greatest Customer Service on earth and friendly on flight personnel, that is suspicious.

Cannot wait to see the Finnish version of this happening. "Sir, we are arresting you for the security reasons as we could see you smiled sarcastically to a flight attendant / you are wearing too many clothes" ... something as more than a Finn would wear in July (even if it's +15 C / 70 F out).