Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Where is Antigia - a country different from Antigua?

Ever wondered where is Antigia? If you google for it, most hits are for Antigia, as a typo for Antigua and Barbuda or something similar.
Wikipedia does not know Antigia, but knows the place called Antigua.
Idem for Mapquest.

So .. due to running to this "Antigia" at work when dealing with system errors - there are constantly items that show in the system being shipped to Antigia - which constantly pisses me off, as all items sent to said Antigia, are acutally sold in UK, Spain, Holland, Sweden, France and so on. Said items are then supposed to be without warranty, but the very few reasons why some products of some kind would not have a warranty of the normal kind would be because of them having been sold in a small list of countries in the third world, mentioned in a specific list, which does not have neither Antigia nort Antigua... Due to me having to run to the error at work, I need to bug other people to solve this system or programming error every time I tun to this error, and I do not hide my being pissed off or treating some of the system people like idiots (they have proven how they deserve to be treated anyway, in their own responses).

So I have finally the winner. These people explained me where this country called Antigia is.

But I think that Antigia is really a small little country, like Liechtenstein, but tucked away in a small remote region between Finland and Russia. It has a population of 167 people who are now very impoverished, having lost their livelihood since the end of communism. It is rumoured that during the years of the Soviet Union, over 20 Billion dollars worth of computers and other high tech equipment and weaponry passed through Antigia from Finland to the Soviet Union, thus by-passing the strict US laws against shipping these products to known 'Communists". Although every citizen of Anitigia was a millionaire, they have since had to spend all their money keeping alive, and now have to live on food and old worn clothing donations from the few Finnish people who also made fortunes on this illegal trade. Of course, the country never made it onto any map of the world, because, officially, if did not (and still does not) exist. Wikipedia is maitained by its readers, and everytime anyone enters information about Antigia, it is instantly deleted by the person with the only remaining working computer in Antigia. So, you will never find it there. But, because of its reputation dealing in illegal goods, we have to classify it as IMC.

Now do you understand? It also explains how all those iPods have made it to the black Market just off Red Square in Moscow, doesn't it? :-)

A nice answer I got when wondering why there is such a place mentioned as "Antigia" in the company's all countries list.. so at least some people really earn their money. AT least this is the most stupid ever answer I have received from the people dealing with system errors. :-)

The sender nearly made me wow him for this masterpiece. The only reason I did not do so was the fact I bothered to use spotlight, and I found a few old issues in mailboxes dealt by the same person, which answer wise were all FUBAR.

Nevertheless, for anyone who ever wondered where this place called 'Antigia' is....