Friday, August 12, 2005

Dementic mymemory still getting married

Updates to the story of an Internet personality's love life - now this gets interesting. In the updates this said person writes her name differently than before; "Iliana" intead of "Ileana" in the previous update... and goes to long details in their visa issues. Hmm - whichever it is. And the updates, smartly keeping the low profile, posting to a well known and widely read board in the Internet; "We are working the visas and paper work... what a nightmare!
So far and keeping everything very low profile because is getting so complicated. She can not obtain a tourist visa because she was rejected at the US embasy once about a year ago for no particular reason (well, the reason is that everybody wants to leave Venezuela).
And I am in the paperwork of my greencard and I can not include her at this particular time because I would need to proove I can supporther by showing a ridiculous amount of money (00,000) and my 3 latest taxes "things" and I have been here only for a year.
So... we are working around an artist visa O-1 for her because she is an actress."

I don't remember when I've seen so many typos, even by non-native English speakers. But to keep a low profile in the internet is always a good thing.


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