Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sajida Richawi running away from the bombs, and innocent victims kids try illegally racing cars

And more Sunday browsing and rants...

Stupid kids, now described as innocent, victims, saints. A bunch of teenagers were driving their parents cars in Rome, and had a competition which one would be the last to hit the brakes. So the kids were driving at full speed, hit the brakes 50 meters before wall, and one of the kids died in the crash, 3 ended up in the hospital. The description of how fascinating and important this sort of driving - getting to full speed and seeing who has the courage to be the last one to use the brakes, is amazing. At least they were illegally racing these cars in a zone where no one was living - so at least no one uninterested was hurt. To have such competition occur on a curvy street, and the car end in a living room would have been far worse. But victims? Of course. They were so totally not seeking that to happen.

The second "smart news" is from Amman and Jordania. The missing, failed suicide bomber, Sajida Mabrouk Atrous Richawi, has confessed, and showed her face in the TV. While she and her husband entered the Radisson hotel, her husband exploded, and she did not - she escaped with the other people. Oh why? If you are there to suicide yourself, and to kill a bunch of other people, why would you run away to save your skin?

She looks a lot older than the Internet information suggests (that would be 35).