Saturday, October 29, 2005

Internet celeb pearls

More pearls of the Internet 'celebs'.

Celeb # I - let's continue with mymemory of Macrumors aka vjrei aka Reinaldo Torres - pearls:

"I am 29, and she is 17" - indeed. "is about the culture actually. This is not my country and the US have too many controls over too many things. I just do not want to be on CNN as a "Pedophile Macrumors member" or something". Fancy seeing this in or out of the context?

"Would you leave a job for a girl?" - now would this sound a bit more original and credible if this was not the 20th girl we would be hearing about him leaving his life and job for? Everything is so great in USA, and everything sucks in Venezuela, and then everything is so great in Venezuela and everything sucks in USA. Make up your mind. Go for once, choose what you want in your life, and do something, just quit bragging.

"My girlfriend in Venezuela has a girlfriend in Mexico who si venezuelan too. She told me once they kissed each other and slept in the same bed for a month I do not know why. She told em too that all her girldfriend boyfriend's looks like her (my gf) some how. I am always teasing her about that but she feels very relaxed about the topic. Lets see, in December her gf is going to come over to Vzla and we will see"

For the integrity of the Mymemory internet celebrations, part # 1, part # 2, part # 3, part # 4, part # 5... of her - profile, pictures of her in Italy, and of the gothic baby looks in geocities. and the same gothic baby pics in msn spaces, and some photographer's takes on Iliana Ron at deviantart.

So why am I so bugged about this? It seems just so weird for me that someone who wants to keep a low profile of what he does - for trying to get his green card, for not obviously paying his taxes in the full amount, for having messed with sure enough underaged girls in his past, to be posting all his life's details in the internet, for the public. Would you besides enjoy that whatever of quite personal you told to your guy, would end up being spread internet wide? (Don't blame me - blame your guy).

"Oooh! Look at me! I am keeping a low profile in the Internet!" hm... maybe if your girlfriend wanted everyone to know that she is bisexual, she would have posted it herself in the Internet?

Celeb # 2 - fryke. As only of example of the kind. Overly professional at the rumorsites. Very annoying editing of text, so leaving _these_ _stupid_ _lines_ _to_ _get_ _text_ _look_ _professiona_. Does it? No. Besides, if in the past 5 years you have posted 8000 posts in a rumor site, you probably should be smart enough to have noted that _xx_ you could get the same result in vBulleting code by using [u] and [/u].

The _editing_ is not the most annoying thing ever. It feels worse to see constantly posts like on this page and especially this post. "Look at me, I have insider information. I have people leak chittychatty details to me, and here I brag (until Apple lawers bother to find some reasons you will not) and link all rumors to my own blog, whereas I don't like anyone else to post links to rumorsites or their blgos."

So for your _frykeish_ entertainment: linkety, linkety? (still a Patrick Armruster, and still prices in Swiss Francs, so I bet), linkety, linkety.

In real life Patrick sounds like a nice person to know. It is just something about the spamming of his own rumor site around the internet, and insisting in using BBEdit shorthand code all the time while posting in vBulletin powered boards... how much more will it take to learn ONE shortcut for editing your text? Five years and 8000 posts and still doing it.

I'm not even getting started on the PC users side. These two people made it for one rainy day's entertainment in front of a PC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a useless and nonsense gathering of losers this blog presents. especially the comments presented by "big loser rei", who's desperation and inmaturity has made him write lies and defamate people. Get your shit straight rai! Find another woman to drive crazy, and stop your bullshit. Te estas rayando mas que un tigre y no te van a dar trabajo en ccs... you'r next stop....a deep hole on the ground. Leave my friend ALONE !!!

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mymemory is a complete looser.. Please if you read this stop stalk my friend!! and for the author of the blog.. do not mention the name of the girl because you´re not allowed to use her name and pics. you may have problems because you're defamating her

10:39 AM  
Blogger S. said...

anonymous, I am not stalking anyone. I'm just a browser in the net. I get annoyed by people like you do (like anyone does) and when that happens ... I change where I browse. And I get entertained by stupidities that random people say - famous, not famous, anonymous, doesn't matter.

She (Ili) sounds to be a sweet person. I have absolutely anything against her. Maybe that guy could have thought before hitting the "Post" button at Macrumors. It's all there, and thousands of more posts by him for anyone's entertainment.

12:33 PM  

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