Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kahney - the Cult of Mac

Who doesn't know Leander Kahney, the Cult of Mac creator... Steve Jobs may have created the Macs, but Leander noticed the cult, and raised it to the knowledge of the 'common mortals', those not living in that cult, those not married to or living with Apple employees.

The Cult of Mac-book makes an amazing portrait of the Mac heads. Not just of those who are portrayed as with Mac hairdos, but of all the various aspects the love to the Macs can be, excluding only aspects why there are so many Apple couples, and what is it like to live with six people working for the fruit company in the same house... everything else is covered. And far better than anyone who was working for Steve would have been able to cover. Leander could have his objectivity, he didn't need to promote the company's agendas, he could love all of the aspects of the cult he wanted to, and have more in love and objective point to start with.

Some guys in Amazon reviews describe the book as Mac users love letter to themselves. The book is just beautiful. I would place it in the living room, would I not be afraid of it getting any stains... I can imagine how long to write that book and gather all that mateiral has taken. A full life, spent surrounded by Macs and Mac lovers. Mrs Kahney doesn't hopefully have a reason to feel anvious about the Mac love.