Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Low profile in the private life as posting to widely read sites in the Internet

Updates to mymemory getting married.

Now stealing his own words: "We are working the visas and paper work... what a nightmare!

So far and keeping everything very low profile because is getting so complicated. She can not obtain a tourist visa because she was rejected at the US embasy once about a year ago for no particular reason (well, the reason is that everybody wants to leave Venezuela)."

(D'oh??!! Keeping LOW profile means posting in a board in the Internet with thousands, tens of thousands of readers??)

"To bring her here is very difficult, so difficult and once she gets here she wants to still as a lawyer and that would mean for her to start over her career again and is an amount of money that we do not have. A year studying law ia around 28K and she may make as a paralegal probably 30K at the most. She would have to take all the paralegal courses and this last month was very bad for me so sofar I can not support her at all until I find a reliable job.

These last two months were very bad for me. The US system didn't help at all. I do not undertand why studying here is so expensive when in every other country is so cheap. "

(Maybe in every other country on earth where you pay as much to study, you earn well? Maybe in the countries where studying is cheap, like in your case in Venezuela, your salary is low as well, so you have about the same relation of cost of study per what you will earn?)

"Plan B? any other plan would be a disaster regarding the visas.

-She could get an O-1 visa like me. The O-1 is for "outstanding" in your carrer like a musician or in my case a Visual Artist. She could apply as an acterss but she does not have enough credits for it, I mean, there is nothing outstanding in what she does.

-There we would have students visas but she need and sponsor with the money equivalent of a year of studies + living expenses and I do not have that and she neither.

-Tourist visa: She could at list come oner every once in a while but the US embassy denied her a visa already and if she applies again and gets denied she would have to wait another year to apply to any other visa.

-Working visa: No way here in FL, Miami is full of lawyers and no one here would do that even for a family member.

-Marriage: We could get married now and she could get an O-3 visa right away as an spouse, but I am in the middle of the paper work to become a resident. If I add some one else to my list I would have to wait one and a half year to start again a proces that have been 4 years long already, but the actual problem is that I would have to have in cash in the bank the equivalent to 95 thousand dollars, equivalent to 3 times the pooverty line for 3 people (my mother, her and me) and we do not have that kind of money.

I mean, to bring her here I need 150.000$ in my bank account just because of the regulations.

Last night we went over everything nd she just got tired. She wanted me to go over but the cheepest plane ticket is $480 + taxes when it use to be $240 not too long ago (because of the gas pices).

I woke up this morning very quiet, like in standby, I just have to keep going with my things and that is it. Is not the hardest I had face any way but it suck big time. Life is demanding su much from me. I really thought in going back to Venezuela for a few months but the situation down there is caotic. The government is keeping all the mortages that fell in to their banks for the people to sing against chavez in the referendum. The government have all our names and is making a life a living hell. I have an apartment I want to sell and I can't because they are not releasing the the mortages since November of last year.

But I do not care about that now, I just do not understand certain things at this point

Well. If life was as easy as some of us want it, there would be 150-400 million South Americans in USA, plus 50 + million Europeans more than there are actually.

So dream and keep on posting about your low profile.