Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The end of the low profile love story of the illegal internet celeb

One more update to this guy's story.

Now they are splitting up.
The reason looks to be that she had told him she had $40 K of savings, whereas she had $10K. So of course he was looking for plain money love.

"Back in Venezuela, Chavez is sinking everything, the economy is very bad, taxes at 15%, plus 10% luxury tax for other things. I mean, she just count with probably 10,000 dollars from a heritage and that is all what she have in her life. She may be making around $200 a month as a lawyer in a country where everything is 80% more expensive than here. "

Excuse me? You are telling me everything is 80 % more expensive. Food is not 80 % more expensive. Only manufactured luxury items are.
And the only way you can be bitching about a 15 % tax is when you are working 100 % illegal. If you have any income, FYI your taxes are normally FAR beyond 15 % in USA. So so much about your legal status here then.

And keeping such low profile in the Internet in your situation is good.